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Annapolis County, Nova Scotia is home to some of the oldest churches and cemeteries in North America. Over the centuries, these have become repositories for our history and culture, and an invaluable resource for genealogical research and discovery.

My own travels down my family's historical path led to many of them over the years, and as time progressed and my own journey of discovery deepened, the quiet and sometimes lonely nature of them called to me. What began as personal became much more.

The cemeteries that populate this beautiful valley, paving the way for those of us who follow after, are spread across its length and breadth, from expansive, manicured tracts to tiny, near desolate niches tucked away in hidden corners of the County. Each has a story to tell, as do the churches that guard them, testament to the tenacity of our ancestors.

This collection of the Churches and Cemeteries of Annapolis County contains a large portion of the known churches and burial grounds within the Annapolis County boundaries, with more to come. Wherever possible I have included GPS coordinates to help with location, and alphabetical listings of the headstones at the location. Photographs of the listed headstones are available electronically for a very nominal fee. Please see the Contact page for details.

I also have several volumes of genealogical history pertaining to several of the noted families of Annapolis Valley, both my own work and in collaboration with other authors. Those books are available for purchase as well, and their details are via the links on the left.


In addition to my passion for genealogy, gardening is another consuming pastime. Both flowers and vegetables fill my gardens, and I cordially invite you to see what keeps me occupied for much of the spring, summer and fall!

Last, but by no means least, I am also including photographs in and around Nova Scotia, with special emphasis on Annapolis County but not limited to it. Much of our history here is contained in the homes and businesses our ancestors built. A remarkable number of them are not only still in existance but in beautiful condition as well, thanks to the efforts of numerous history buffs and societies who have dedicated themselves to protecting and preserving our shared heritage.







Rice Genealogy

Rice Genealogy

A Planter Family:

Ebeneezer & Tabitha Rice

Loyalists to Annapolis County:

Jasper Williams & His Descendants

Loyalists to Annapolis County:

John Covert

The Hannam Family of West Dalhousie

Chronicles of a Community