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A little bit about me. I’ve been married and have lived in the same house in Lequille for 32 years, quite the feat nowdays ! I have two girls, Jen and Erin, and have five beautiful grandchildren, Josh, Jake, Olivia, Caleb & Mythandrea.

I became interested in genealogy & cemeteries when I was helping my daughter Erin with a school project in 1990 on her family tree. “She received 96 on her report”. I’ve been hooked ever since on genealogy. After the initial big burst of frenzied searching and learning about all the sources out there “before the internet”, I started wondering where my ancestors where buried. I discovered two years later at our local library, Dr Allan Marble’s Cemetery Inscriptions, with a card index. What an amazing amount of work he did, before the computer age. In the late 1960's and early 70's he documented 134 Cemeteries in Annapolis County, along with his future wife and the help of students later on.

I started out with this index, finding where the cemeteries where, then going to them and finding my Gramps & Grams. I initially only took pictures of my family members headstones, but it soon turned into an obsession and a huge collection of photos. Now I do them all digitally, so much easier. Along with the cemeteries, I only had a few pictures of churches, but over the years I have collected over 120 churches. Some have since been torn down, due to lack of attendance & the cost of up keep of the churches, so sad.

I have documented & photographed, cemeteries that Dr Marble didn’t include in his work. I also have been photographing, in no particular order, cemeteries in their entirety. A few larger cemeteries, such as Pine Grove in Middleton, have well over 1,450 stones and I’ve photographed them, including all sides of the stones. We as a group at the Annapolis Heritage Society, have been updating these cemeteries in Annapolis County where Dr Marble left off. I started working on this project by myself in 1994, but it is a never ending job. I also photograph other counties cemeteries & churches, I have a binders for each of these counties, Digby, Hants, Kings, Lunenburg, Queens & Yarmouth. Dr Allen E Marble’s Cemetery Inscriptions can be found at the O’Dell Museum, and the branch of the Annapolis Regional Library, located in Bridgetown.

I’ve been a volunteer member of the Annapolis Heritage Society since 1996, and was nominated the Volunteer Member of the Year in 2011, for the Society. Only took 15 yrs ! I’m also a member of two other genealogy organizations; The Digby Admiral Museum and The South Shore Genealogical Society. And a past member’s of the Edmund Rice Society and Legion Branch 21 of Annapolis Royal.

One of my other passions is gardening, I’m a huge hosta collector, I have over 220 different hostas and have well over 600 on my two acre property. When spring arrives you won’t find me on the computer, I’ll be outside playing in my gardens or collection more cemetery pictures before the bugs & mosquito’s arrive. My hostas have traveled as far away as; Halifax, Cape Breton, NFLD, NB, seeds to Maine, and Port Wade.

I have recently had published four books; Chronicles of a Community, Lequille, The Ebenezer Rice Family, The Williams Family and The Hannam family of West Dalhousie. My next endeavor is, you guessed it; Cemeteries, Churches & Old Burial Grounds of Annapolis County, N.S., hopefully it will be published this fall.

My husband, Ricky, children, grandchildren, family & friends have all been helpful with my addiction in some way. Thanks to Mary McWhinnie for helping me with those first abandoned or lost cemeteries. She worked on a mapping project, along with Leslie McLaughlin and others, which produced three beautifully done cemetery maps. They can be bought through the Annapolis Heritage Society, Annapolis Royal or the McDonald Museum in Middleton.

Some of the Valley families I’m working on are; Armstrong, Balsor/Baltzor, Banks, Barteaux, Brown, Chute, Copeland, Daniels, Durland/Durling, Elliott, Fancy, Fairn, Fredericks, Gilliatt, Gillis, Hannam, Hardwick, Kaulback, Longley, Mailman, Rice, Slocomb, Williams, etc ...

Some of my Lunenburg families are; Acker, Crouse, Daniels, Fancy, Grimm, Mailman, Rafuse, Ramey, Weagle, Zwicker, etc ....

This web site will be an on going project as I find or hear of lost or abandoned cemeteries or just new ones being incorporated. If you know of one, please tell someone, “pick me“, and we can ensure that future generations can find or know where there ancestors are buried. I hope you enjoy my site ! Get out and walk in a cemetery today, they won’t bother you, but watch out for the wild life, the biggest “Buck” (not a ghost!) I’ve ever seen, scared the devil out of me one day in the Harris Cemetery in Moschelle !

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